Sophia Rose Sutherland
Our Little Princess

   Sophia Rose Sutherland is a great gift from God. She touches our lives every day and everyone she meets sees God working in her. 

     This site is to raise awareness and hope for a great quality of life with Cerebral Palsy, microphthalmia in left eye (small or incompletely formed eye), anophthalmia in right eye (missing eye)and a recently discovered gene mutation in retinoic acid receptor beta (RARB) gene. Chromosone 3, located in exon 8.

    She keeps growing and working very hard everday and wont give up..........and we all need to do that more and more in our lives....


    Sophia wanted me to tell you...........

                    .........THANKS for visiting to her Site

                                              The Rose (Sophia)

It all goes to help Princess Sophia Rose